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The Cold Tub is a specially designed Tub to be filled with the cold water and be used after a Sauna or a Hot Tub. Immersing your body in a Hot Tub or a Sauna and then cold water can be extremely beneficial. This cold water therapy can not only help to release the pain or swelling of muscles and joints, but also let's to improve the body's immune system. Just jump in the Cold Tub, sit on the bench to cover the whole body and enjoy the cold water therapy.

Bathing in a wooden Cold Tub feels cozy and nature-friendly. Standard Cold Tub's height is 1 m, floor's and side walls' thickness is 38 mm. All screws used for the Cold Tub are made from stainless steel. An inside Cold Tub benches are fixed to the walls, so it is easy to clean the Cold Tub after using it. The Cold Tub has a water discharge valve, it is ready for the hose connection, so water can be drained whenever you want.

Sku: CT001
People 1-2persons
Timber Spruce
Shape Oval
Floor thickness 38mm
Wall thickness 38mm
External dimension 1500 x 850mm

Wooden cold tub;
Stainless steel tightening bands;
Wooden benches inside;
Outlet valve;

A stable, even and sustainable space is needed to set up a Hot Tub on it. Gravel, loose chippings, quarry tiles (flagstones) are recommended. A ground with hummus or patches of grass is not suitable. Drainage could be of advantage depending on the local conditions. A concrete foundation is not necessary. It is important that air can circulate underneath the Hot Tub so that damp can vaporize.


Exterior Wood Stain ColorsExterior Wood Paint Colors


One of the main and most obvious benefits of using a paint machine is the speed and flexibility at which we can suggest our painting service for all of our products. A spray paint machine can get the work done faster and more consistently than manually painting. While the machine works faster, it improving quality too – sprayers produce an even coat of paint, leaving a high-quality finish.
With our painting service from now, we can suggest to our client's maximum flexibility! Not assembled products as Grill cabins, Pavilions, Camping pods, and other products of any size you can order painted too!


The high-quality preservative finish is professionally spray applied in the factory to one side of the wood. The product is treated in your choice of color. You can choose two colors for one product: one for almost all product details and another for finishing details.

Which type of painting should i Use?

Properly painting and impregnating is one of the most important things to consider when thinking about how to extend your product lifetime.
Paint and natural wood finish instantly spruce up the aesthetics of your product.
The decision you will need to make is if you want to use a water-based wood stain or paint. Both will offer you UV protection. The wood stains will allow the texture of the
wood to show through and many are now available in a vast range of colors, however, paints will give you an intensive color, but will cover the grain and texture of the wood.


SAND FILTER SATURN (7 m3/h) tank is made of polyethylene. The simple construction and perfect technology production ensure work for many years. Recommended replacement of the sand every 1-2 years.

Important! The water must not be aggressive. Sand filter must not be used in salt water or in pools where an electro chlorinator is used.

Sand filter
Sand filter
Sand filter
Sand filter dimensions


  • "3 steps" from spruce (standard) or larch (optional);
  • "2 steps" from spruce or larch (optional);
  • Round, 2 steps stairs with niche for sand filter from spruce, larch or thermo wood (optional);
  • Round, 3 steps stairs with a niche for sand filter from spruce, larch or thermo wood (optional).
3 steps stairs
3 steps stairs
2 steps stairs
2 steps stairs
Stairs with niche for sand filter
Stairs with niche for sand filter


The high-quality preservative finish is professionally spray applied in the factory to one side of the wood. The product is treated in your choice of color.

Exterior wood stain colors
Exterior wood stain colors
Exterior wood paint colors
Exterior wood paint colors


  • Not assembled - KIT;
  • Assembled.


Wooden transportation box packaging avoids damage to assembled products during long-distance transportation.

*For assembled hot tubs!

Transportation box
Transportation box

ATTENTION! Read and follow all instructions carefully before installing and using this product!

  • At first, water will leak, within 3-5 days the tub will swell and become completely tight.
  • Fire and hot water may lead to serious injuries! Never leave your children and those with disabilities unattended!
  • Cleaning and maintenance shall not be made by children without any supervision.
  • Our Hot tub can't be used by children aged 8 years and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities.
  • Keep this product more than 2 m away from the pool (for France 3.5 m), to prevent children from climbing on it and accessing the pool.
  • Never heat the Hot Tub when it is empty! The Hot Tub could get on fire and unrepairable damages may occur!
  • Standard our heaters are made from 304-grade stainless steel. If chlorine, bromide, saltwater, or other chemicals will be used heater steel grade must be upgraded to 316-grade stainless steel.
  • It is very important to empty the heater from the water as well in case there are minus degrees outside.
  • All information is based on experiences made and is the best of our beliefs. The local circumstances and other conditions must be taken into consideration from each individual Hot Tub user.


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