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Protect your motorcycles, quad bikes, and scooters in a high-security metal storage shed that will provide superior protection for your motorcycles & equipment. The tough, all metal weatherproof construction has given Asgard motorcycle storage a level 1 rating from the Loss Prevention Certification Board, Secured By Design Status by the Police and are Insurance Approved*  which will help to reduce insurance premiums. Asgard motorbike storage will provide you with years of reliable protection from both theft and the weather.

*Bennetts Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Storage Sheds

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Motorcycle Storage Secure Unit (Garage) - 9ft x 5ft 2"

Motorcycle Storage Units

£1,540.00 £1,564.00
3 x 7 Sentry Bike Shed (with bike rack)

Secure Bike Storage

£809.00 £827.00
10 x 5 Motorbike Plus Secure Unit (Garage)

Motorcycle Storage Units

£1,799.00 £1,875.00
10 x 7 Motorbike Gladiator Plus Unit (Garage)

Motorcycle Storage Units

£2,224.00 £2,324.00
8ft 11" x 7ft 4" Motorbike Storage Gladiator (Garage)

Motorcycle Storage Units

£1,793.00 £1,875.00